Sending large files is often the bane of the workspace, with email attachments just not cutting it. Multiple situations require you to send larger files for business or personal reasons. However, finding a way to do so without damaging the quality of the file requires specific software. Platforms like WeTransfer allow you to send larger files, so read further to explore alternative options to find the best fit.

What Is File Sharing Software?

Many businesses need to send larger files for marketing purposes or other reasons. Take a photographer, for example. Photographers must send high-resolution images to their clients, and file-sharing software is crucial. It ensures your files remain their original size without losing quality or distortion. Depending on the type of platform you use, you can also ensure your brand is represented when sharing files, presenting a professional front. Often, this software requires you to send a link via email to the recipient, which they can use to either download the files or access them on shared cloud storage.

What makes a good file sharing program?

When sharing files using these platforms, there are different features you expect to see. The best file-sharing competitor options are easy to access and use on any device, allowing you to share larger file sizes than usual. It also ensures your transfer is safe by adding features like password protection, encrypted files, expiry dates, etc. Many of the best platforms even offer secure cloud storage specific to that platform, making it easy to keep all your relevant files in one place.

WeTransfer Logo An Overview of WeTransfer

WeTransfer is one of the most well-known file-sharing platforms, offering free and Pro versions. You can send large files using the web-based platform or its mobile app on Android and iOS for free, or you can invest in the paid version for even larger file transfers. You save up to 17% by selecting annual billing, with the monthly cost between $12 and $23 lowered to $10 and $19.

WeTransfer Website

Main features of WeTransfer

WeTransfer offers several great features to promote your brand identity while sending large files.

  • Sending large files
  • Individual user storage
  • Portals and reviews
  • Downloads tracking

Sending large files

Depending on whether you purchase the Pro or Premium package, you can transfer up to 200 GB or even with unlimited size. The free version allows you to transfer 2 GB at once.

Individual user storage

Each paid user can access 1 TB of cloud storage with the Pro package. The Premium package goes even further with unlimited storage, meaning you never have to worry about losing track of your files again.

Portals and reviews

You get one portal with all packages except the Premium one, which gives you unlimited portals. You can invite people to see your portal and customize it to fit the project and branding. You can also allow invited people to view, comment and approve documents without downloading the files.

Downloads tracking

Whether you’re using the free or paid version, WeTransfer will send you notifications when a file has been downloaded or edited on the platform. It also ensures you can share transfer overviews between teammates and keeps track of what your team is doing.

This platform is an excellent option for teams and small businesses, as the pricing isn’t too high compared to competitor options. It’s also a good option for freelance workers, like photographers or marketing managers.

Pros and cons of WeTransfer

Below are some of the pros and cons to consider before choosing WeTransfer.


  • Free version
  • Customized branding
  • Allows up to unlimited transfer size and storage
  • Tracks downloads
  • Not as costly as some other alternative options


  • The free version only allows up to 2 GB of transfers
  • Unlimited portals only available with the Premium package

FileInvite Logo An Overview of FileInvite

FileInvite is an alternative to WeTransfer that operates on a slightly different concept. Instead of being a solely file-sharing platform in the loosest sense, it’s more of a file management platform. FileInvite is created with the idea that you send a request to the recipient on the files you need. The recipient receives a link that connects them to their portal, and they can upload the files there to be shared with you. The monthly cost, if paid annually, is between $49 and $99, with an Enterprise package that has custom pricing depending on your requirements.

FileInvite Website

Main features of FileInvite

As a file management platform, there are several features you can enjoy.

  • Invites system
  • Smart notifications
  • Templates
  • Live forms

Invites system

You receive between 25 and 50 invites per month, though with the Enterprise package, you can customize the number of invites you need. These invites are sent to clients to request specific files, which they can then share with you. You can also send recurring invites or schedule requests as one of the advanced features.

Smart notifications

The software also uses SMS credits to send smart notifications to clients reminding them to upload the requested files. You receive between 50 and 100 SMS credits with the standard packages, while you can also customize the number of credits in the Enterprise package.


All the packages provide you with Invite and Request templates so that you can streamline your workflow. It makes it easier to send an invite or request within minutes.

Live forms

You’re able to upload your documents and create forms that you can quickly fill out online. These forms can also be accessed within seconds, and you can even ask clients for digital signatures on forms and documents. If you consider all of the features, then this platform is a better option for medium-sized businesses or companies that work in teams. It’s also an excellent alternative if the company needs to gather forms and documents from clients, as it allows you to keep track of who needs to send you what documents.

Pros and cons of FileInvite

While this is a great alternative to consider, the following pros and cons must be taken into account.


  • Great options for teams
  • Easy management of files and requests
  • Customizable package available
  • Smart notifications via SMS
  • Schedule invites or requests


  • Max file transfer between 1.5 GB and 3 GB, except in the Enterprise package
  • An expensive alternative

FileCloud Logo An Overview of FileCloud

FileCloud is a cloud platform that allows you to share large files. However, this platform is more geared towards teams and large companies, with Enterprise packages needing multiple users. You can share, view, edit, download, and otherwise manage files using this platform, making it multi-functional. If billed annually, your monthly price per user can be $6 with a minimum of 20 users, $12.50 with a minimum of 10 users, or $18.75 with a minimum of 25 users. Custom packages are also available, with the pricing depending on your needs. However, there’s a Community Edition available for one to five users for $10.20 per year, with all the proceeds going towards charity.

FileCloud Website

Main features of FileCloud

FileCloud offers various features to make it easier for teams when collaborating or sharing files.

  • Plenty of storage
  • Unlimited external users
  • Desktop sync
  • Hyper-secure file sharing
  • No size limits

Plenty of storage

Each user has 1 TB of cloud storage, with additional users receiving 100 GB of storage. You can also enjoy unlimited storage with the packages part of the FileCloud Enterprise Server.

Unlimited external users

All packages allow you to have unlimited licensed external users, meaning you can share the files with anyone, regardless of whether they’re premium users.

Desktop sync

The software fully integrates with Windows, Mac, and Linux desktop systems, making it easy to sync your documents on your desktop with your cloud storage.

Hyper-secure file sharing

It uses premium and enterprise-grade security to protect your cloud storage, allowing you to share and edit your documents safely. You can give others access to specific files, and they can comment, edit, view, download, or upload documents.

No size limits

Whether you use one of the Enterprise packages or the Community edition, there’s no limit to the size of files you can share. You can also access the files remotely using the FileCloud app, which functions like a drive.

Unlike some alternative options, this competitor is mainly geared toward large businesses, with official packages requiring at least 10 users to activate. While the community edition allows fewer users, it still allows up to five full users, showing this software’s focus on teams.

Pros and cons of FileCloud

Consider the following pros and cons of FileCloud before deciding if it’s a suitable alternative for your team.


  • Perfect for large businesses or teams
  • Large cloud storage
  • Has a mobile app and allows desktop sync
  • Community Edition available
  • Unlimited file sizes


  • No free version
  • Can become pricy

WeTransfer vs. FileInvite vs. FileCloud – Which Is the Safer Option?

All three of these competitor options provide a secure platform to use. WeTransfer is better for individual use or small companies, while FileInvite is perfect for teams or medium-sized companies. FileCloud is the best fit for large companies or enterprises, and its security features show it.

Depending on the custom FileCloud package, the software complies with most safety regulations like the ITAR, EAR, Cloud Computing SRGs, and more. It also provides fully isolated, data-layer protection for its platform. However, if we’re considering the alternative to WeTransfer with the best ease of use while being entirely secure, FileInvite is the best option. Its file-management system makes sharing files and keeping track of documents easy.

SecureDocSharing Logo Best Alternative to WeTransfer

After looking at various alternative options, we found that one of the best alternative choices to WeTransfer is SecureDocSharing. While this platform has lower file size limits at 10 MB, its ease of use far outshines many more complicated platforms. It’s further an entirely free-to-use web-based site. SecureDocSharing allows you to create a free account within minutes, and you can upload your documents to create a shareable link. This link has settings you can adjust, like whether you want to add a passcode, a link expiry date, whether the recipient can download the files, and if they have to provide an email to access the link.

SecureDocSharing Interface

The platform will also show you with a glance how many visits your documents received, with the viewer’s email and the time and date they viewed it provided. Another great feature is that you can re-upload the document to the latest version, and the viewer can use the same live link to view the most recent upload.

Why is SecureDocSharing the best platform for securely sending files?

SecureDocSharing doesn’t require downloading any applications, apps, or software, meaning you can access it from any device in your web browser. It’s entirely free to use and encrypts the files to ensure it remains secure on the platform. You can also enable password protection, which is often only available with paid packages at an alternative software competitor. You can also enable “Require email to view”, which means you always stay on top of who viewed the file, how much time they spent viewing it, and the dates they accessed it.

Final Thoughts

There’s no need to keep struggling to share large files. File-sharing software lets you securely share your large files without losing quality or distorting the documents. FileCloud is perfect for large corporations, with the FileCloud Community Edition alternative being better for freelancers or small teams. FileInvite is the best for managing your documents and reaching out to clients with file requests.
However, WeTransfer is a great option for someone who just needs to send some documents or smaller companies. Yet, a great WeTransfer alternative that’s entirely free and allows you more control over your documents is SecureDocSharing. You have advanced document analytics compared to alternative free versions like with WeTransfer, and the ease of use allows you to adjust and upload documents quickly. Have a look at the SecureDocSharing platform before deciding whether you need a purchased plan to see whether it meets all your requirements.