We all know that Citrix ShareFile, also referred to simply as ShareFile, has been steadily growing at a rapid rate. Due to the plethora of industry-relevant tools and security features it offers, it’s no wonder that ShareFile is the darling of many teams and businesses.

Citrix ShareFile Website

However, just like other great software, from time to time, it, too, has faced certain troubles with functioning, such as slow load times, constant error messages, issues with settings, etc.

If these issues have affected you as well, and you’re now hunting for a ShareFile alternative, then this article is just what you need. Here, we’ve taken a look at the top competitors based on their features, user reviews, pricing, support options, and more.

At a Glance

Product SecureDocSharing Jumpshare OneDrive Zoho Workdrive
Key Features Link sharing; Notification and analytics; Secure Easy to use; Collaborative; Plethora of tools Accessible; Ease of use; Great for collaboration Highly collaborative; Secure solution
Pricing Free Begins at $8.25/per user/per month and then increases further. Begins at $9.99 (individual users) and $5/per user/per month for businesses Prices begin at $2.5/per user/per month and extend to $9/per user/per month
Support Options Write a note on the “Contact Us” page Help center; Email support Phone support; Help and learning section; In-store visit Contact us form; Phone support
USP File sharing; Document analytics Sharing of all types of multimedia and files Dual feature: file sharing + file storage of up to 6 TB Collaborative tools; Affordable pricing
Best For Medium and small organizations; Individual users Large companies Entreprises and medium-sized businesses Small businesses; Individuals
Citrix ShareFile Alternatives & Competitors

Why Make the Switch From ShareFile?

Citrix ShareFile's Issues
Citrix ShareFile’s Issues

1 – Issues with speed

One common issue most users have with Citrix ShareFile is that the platform has a noticeably slow load time. Users on GetApp and TrustRadius said that the transfer and upload speed was extremely slow. However, despite this, many users have chosen to focus on the download speed (which, they’ve said, is pretty great) or have chosen to blame their own internet connection as opposed to the software.

2 – Email server mixup

Another issue faced by users is that the emails sent that had ShareFile’s links were not received in the receiver’s server. Julia M, a reviewer on GetApp, said, “(the) files expire after ~30 days; some clients do not save the file and try to re-download later and are unable. Some clients’ email systems do not even recognize the emails, so they are unaware that anything has been sent.”

Top Citrix ShareFile Alternatives to Consider

SecureDocSharing Logo SecureDocSharing

SecureDocSharing is a PandaDoc-sponsored app that allows you to stay updated on everything happening in your document (even after you’ve sent it). This platform stands out from the rest because it enables users to share links to stored files (as opposed to emailing bulky files). If you wish to send contracts to a client, you can freely drag and drop documents, share links, manage permissions, view how much time your client spent reading the file, and get real-time updates.

SecureDocSharing Interface

Key features

Shareable with links

An all-too-familiar scenario: You want to share documents and have to manually attach each document to emails. We can all collectively agree that this process is far too time-consuming. Thankfully, with SecureDocSharing, you can simply upload documents online and create a shareable link that can be accessed only by authorized email IDs.

Notifications and analytics

Since SecureDocSharing is a PandaDoc product, it also has one of the features PandaDoc is famous for: tracking analytics. If you wish to know how your recipients interacted with the document, when they opened it, which pages they stopped on, etc., all of that is possible when using the product. You also get notifications when someone unauthorized tries to view your data.

Extremely secure

Security is another quality where SecureDocSharing shines. What makes its security so top-notch, you ask? Well, for starters, you can give access to only certain email IDs. You can also add a passcode for viewing the document, allow or disallow file downloads, and customize other link-sharing settings. You can add expiration dates, too, but that would require you to sign up for the 14-day free trial.

User reviews

SecureDocSharing has generally garnered positive reviews from audiences. However, no official ratings from any site (at the time of writing) have yet been recorded for SecureDocSharing.


The product is entirely free to use (barring a few features like expiration dates, which you can incorporate by using the 14-day free sign-up to PandaDoc).

Support options

You can get in touch with the SecureDocSharing team by going to their “Contact Us” page.

Jumpshare Logo Jumpshare

Founded by Ghaus Iftikhar, Jumpshare is more than just a file-sharing platform — it also expands its capabilities to screen recording and screenshotting. Although the platform is merely a decade old, it still has impressive clients like Marvel, Canva, Asana, Warner Brothers, Carta, Follow Up Boss, etc., and more than one million loyal customers.

Jumpshare Website

Key features

Great for collaboration

While some reviewers (read: Cloudwards) pointed out that they were not happy with the platform’s collaboration features, we thought they presented all the necessary tools for team collaboration. (Sorry, Cloudwards! We do agree with the rest of your review, though.)

Here are a few reasons for the argument:

  • The platform has a powerful team dashboard, where team members have access to see how a project is progressing. If they wish to collaborate with other team members, share their feedback, ask for approval, etc., all of this can be done through the dashboard.
  • They also have a feature called “Team Inbox,” where all team emails are sent into one inbox. This feature is especially handy if several members are collaborating with one client, and they don’t want to confuse the client by sending them several emails from several different email IDs.
  • You can also manage teams using Jumpshare — tasks like managing team members, tracking activities, reviewing company data, setting organizational control, as well as admin tasks like managing permissions, setting up custom themes, and writing messages for teams — can all be done.

A plethora of tools

While file sharing, screen recording, and screenshot capture are the primary features of Jumpshare, it does have other functional tools and features, too, such as GIF recording, video hosting, webcam overlay, facecam recorder, audio recording, annotating screenshots, hiding sensitive information, trimming videos, adding thumbnails, and much more.

Easy to use

Alright, here’s a topic where we’re in agreement with Cloudwards: the Jumpshare platform is extremely easy to use. For one, you just need to drag and drop files (that’s it, no further work is needed on your end). It also cleanly and simply lists all its features, which helps users understand what and how they can use those features. You can also access the platform on a desktop, web browser, or mobile app.

User reviews

The platform has a rating of 4.9/5 on Software Advice.


Four different pricing options are available on the website: Basic, which is available for free. Plus, which is available for $8.25/user/month, Business, available for $12.5/user/month, and Enterprise, which requires a custom quote.

Support options

You can either refer to the help center or get in touch with the Jumpshare team by email.

ICloud Logo OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive, also known as OneDrive, is one of the oldest file-sharing services on the market and allows up to 6 TB of storage options (although an argument can be made that OneDrive is more a file storage service than a file-sharing service). Regardless, it does both tasks pretty well. So, let’s go ahead and explore some OneDrive features.

Microsoft OneDrive Website

Key features

Easy accessibility

Since OneDrive is backed by Microsoft, it reaps the benefits of its parent brand, which is great news for users who want ease of use since that happens to be Microsoft’s specialty. Exhibit A: OneDrive is available in more than 107 languages (now, that’s one feature we can guarantee no other software has up to this extent).

Aside from that, the software also allows the upload of large files up to 250 MB, saves file history for 30 days, automatically syncs documents (always a useful feature to have), allows unlimited devices for collaboration, and provides free 5 GB storage.

These benefits are just the tip of the iceberg. It also has a clean interface, wherein all functions are neatly categorized into individual sections (such as files, shared items, recent docs, groups, PC, etc.). And last but not least, you can also access the OneDrive app on mobile phones, too.

App integrations

We all know that OneDrive is known to be one of the best applications for businesses. And we believe one of the reasons why it has that title is because of the app integrations it allows. For example, with OneDrive, not only can you access the basic Microsoft 365 apps, but you can also integrate apps like Vimeo, Docusign, AppSheet, GeniusScan, iAnnotate, Salesforce, etc.

You can also find more apps on the Microsoft website; all are neatly categorized based on categories, industries, and products (all of these sections can be further divided into subsections). There is, however, just one catch — you’ll need to pay an annual fee to integrate these apps.

Suitable for collaboration

We previously covered how OneDrive can be integrated with other apps, but one thing we didn’t focus on is the obvious upside of that feature, which is users’ ability to collaborate on all documents in real time. Aside from that, users can also manage access, thereby making their files visible to the public or keeping them private. The software is also adaptable to multiple languages and on multiple devices, so brownie points for that, too.

User reviews

TrustRadius gave OneDrive a solid 8.3/10.


The company has two different pricing options, one for families and the other for businesses. The family plan starts at $9.99/year and extends up to $99.99/year. In comparison, the business plan starts at $5/user/month and extends up to $12.5 per user/month.

Support option

Microsoft has a help and learning section, as well as phone support for OneDrive users. You can also visit their stores for questions and inquiries.

Zoho Workdrive Logo Zoho Workdrive

Zoho Workdrive, also known as Workdrive, is an online file management software that’s 11,000 employees strong. While Zoho is primarily used by many businesses to manage their documents, the company also has other software for different industries, such as Zoho Mail, Zoho Learn, Zoho Marketing, Zoho Contracts, Zoho Calendar, etc.

Zoho Workdrive Website

Key features

Highly collaborative

Across many review sites and user reviews, the one feature everyone loves about WorkDrive is just how collaborative the platform is. To begin with, you can view and edit documents and chat with your team in real time. Aside from that, the product is also available to use from any location, which means team members across the globe can collaborate.

Users also have access to admin settings, which allows them to create functional groups, customize profiles in team folders, and manage permissions and roles. With Workdrive, you can also create an audit trail and get access to the progress details of any project. Oh, and the best part? The platform is super-easy to migrate to.

Secure solution

Zoho Workdrive places security at the forefront by:

  • Being SOC 2 Type II and ISO 27001 compliant
  • Meeting industry requirements for security
  • Securing documents with an RSA-based 2048-bit encryption key
  • Monitoring their data centers 24/7 with night vision cameras
  • Implementing systems to protect users from DDoS attacks
  • Allowing two-factor authentication
  • Giving users role-based permissions
  • Allowing users to add expiration dates to links

User reviews

G2 rated Zoho Workdrive 4.3/5, and Capterra rated it 4.6/5.


Workdrive has three different pricing options: Starter (priced at $2.5/user/month), Team (priced at $4.5/user/month), and Business (priced at $9/user/month).

Support options

Users can get in touch with the Zoho team on the “Contact Us” form or by giving them a call.

Capturing Our Final Thoughts

Because each option may seem better than the previous ones once you “dig in,” we’d understand if choosing the best solution for your organization might feel like a tricky task. If you’re having a hard time making the right pick, wouldn’t the best strategy be to use a solution that’s stress-free and does not cost you any money?

If yes, then there’s only one solution that makes the cut, and that’s SecureDocSharing. The solution is intuitive, easy to use, free, and it provides insightful analytics on user behavior. The question that remains is: What’s not to like?
Click here to begin using SecureDocSharing for free!