We all know the face-to-face and phone calls aspects of the real estate industry. However, there’s another aspect, and that’s the documents that need signing. Selling and buying properties come with a massive amount of paperwork, and it often contains sensitive information.

Sharing these documents with your clients can quickly become a confusing back-and-forth email chain. That’s where a secure file transfer tool comes in handy. We explore a free tool that transfers data and provides integrity and compliance with security regulations.

SecureDocSharing Logo What Is SecureDocSharing?

SecureDocSharing is a free web-based file-sharing platform offering excellent security and maintaining the integrity of your transfer. Data shared across this platform, whether about sensitive property tax or other real estate documents, are secure and protected, with the customer you share the file with, who’ll be the only person able to view it.

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SecureDocSharing allows you to upload PDFs and state that an email is needed to open the file. You get a shareable link, decide whether the customer you share it with can download the document, or even assign a password. Once you share the link with the customer, they can access the transfer data using their email to ensure compliance with your chosen settings. It ensures you can see any newly uploaded document in real time, with the original link valid even when you upload a more recent file.

You can also keep track of how many visits the document receives, as well as which email addresses accessed it. If it’s a time-sensitive document, you can choose how long the customer can view it, and best of all, the customer doesn’t need a SecureDocSharing account to use the platform.

How Can Realtors Use Secure File Sharing Programs?

Realtors can benefit immensely from a secure file transfer platform in comparison to other file-sharing modes. Not only does a file transfer platform make it easier to share large files, but you can also ensure the integrity and security of the transfer. This is especially relevant to realtors since they frequently handle sensitive property tax and real estate data. Below, we listed some of the main benefits a realtor can gain from using data and file transfer software.

  • Secure transfer of data
  • Faster transfer
  • Easy to access documents
  • Can update documents on the same link
  • See real-time changes and adjustments on the file
  • Keep all the documents in one place
  • Ensures the integrity of the data transfer

Choosing the Right File-Sharing Tool

There are several features and factors to consider when choosing the right file-sharing tool. This includes looking at what the tool offers, its compliance with security features, and more. We explore it in further detail below.

  • Secure File and Data Transfers
  • Shareable Link
  • Privacy Settings
  • Analytics Available
  • Ease of Use
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Secure File and Data Transfers

The first and most important factor when handling sensitive property tax and real estate documents is how secure the transfer is when sharing a file.

SecureDocSharing allows encrypted file sharing, and you can set a password on your document. That means even if an unauthorized third party accesses your shareable link, they can’t access the documents unless they know the password. You can also enable “Require Email to View,” which means no one can view the document without inputting an email. This allows you to see just who accessed the document.

Shareable Link

A shareable link means you can share a document easily with multiple people by sending them the link. SecureDocSharing allows you to send a link to your shared file, and the same link can be used even if you reupload or edit the document. Since the same link is used, you don’t need to keep sharing new links each time someone signs a document.

Privacy Settings

Since you know the file transfer is secure, you must ensure your document’s privacy next. We already discussed the password aspect of SecureDocSharing, but you can also add other privacy settings. These settings include making the document a view-only file, so no one can download it. Plus, you can also add an expiry date to it. It ensures the document is only available for the time period you state.

Analytics Available

Another great feature to look for is file analytics. SecureDocSharing provides analytics that shows you how many times the document has been opened, by who it was opened, and how low they viewed it. You can also see whether the customer downloaded the file, making it easy to know if the customer received their real estate documents.

Ease of Use

Lastly, looking for a user-friendly file transfer tool is one of the most critical aspects. Many people aren’t all tech-savvy and struggle to use online tools. Using an online sharing tool that’s easy to access is crucial to ensure you accommodate all customer types.

SecureDocSharing is one of the most user-friendly platforms. If your customer has the shareable link, then they can simply click on it, enter their email if required, and instantly access the document. There’s no difficult-to-navigate platform, and they don’t need to create an account.

Final Thoughts

The real estate industry processes a lot of property tax, sales, and real estate paperwork and has to share that paperwork between different parties. Instead of a confusing email chain where you’re unsure which is the latest document, use a secure file transfer tool to share data.

Not only are these tools more secure than email, but it’s also user-friendly and easily accessible. You can control how many parties you give the shareable link to view the document and have access to all your documents in one place.
SecureDocSharing is an excellent platform since it’s free to use and has a user-friendly interface. Try SecureDocSharing today, a secure file transfer platform that ensures the integrity and security of your data.